Are you a musician?

For which bands is Stagebands good for?
Stagebands is appropriate for bands that are well organized and ready for live performances.
From solo musicians and DJs to big bands and from all genres of music.
How does Stagebands works?
On the one hand bands register on Stagebands and then they appear in our directory.

On the other hand hosts go to our website, browse our catalog and then they contact the bands directly through Stagebands’ chat to book a date.

Bands choose whether they want to perform at private events (weddings, receptions etc), at venues (cafe-bars, restaurants, etc) or at festivals and they can set different prices for each category.

In order to protect the sensitive issue of band’s price from competition but also to give our bands some leeway on each event’s particularities, Stagebands does not display the band's price to users. Stagebands search engine requires hosts to set their budget and then it shows them whether each band's price is within their budget or not.

Stagebands also automatically calculates transportation, accommodation and sound coverage costs where applicable.
Why should I partner with Stagebands?
Because there are people out there who want to book you but they can't find you.
Of course you are dealing with promoting yourselves through YouTube videos and social media presence, but publicity is one thing, live performance is another.

Stagebands was created to solve this problem. By guiding people who are searching the internet for "bands for gig" to you. People who would probably never find you otherwise and would, at the end, find a band from their social circle.

Stagebands is coming to add new "customers" to your "clientele" with the only commitment being a fee per event you book through our platform.
How can I become a partner?
Whether you are a member of a band, or an agent/manager of some bands, fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the details.

What we will evaluate is mainly the readiness of the band for live situations and the professionalism.

We would need to see some video from a live performance of your band so we can judge and decide.

We will be very happy to cooperate!

Request for cooperation

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Band name
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