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Make your event special by discovering new talents. At Stagebands you will find bands that you would spend hours on the internet looking for. We did this work for you, all you have to do is register on our platform and close the bands.

The process is very simple. You register to see the list, choose any band you are interested in and contact them via chat to close the deal.

Any agreement made is between you and the band. Stagebands is not involved in any legal way.

All our bands are professionals with concert experience. Our "big" bands work either with a manager (who arranges the invoice) or as a company that can write invoice themselves. The "smaller" bands may not be able to write invoice and will have to register them like employees. In most cases this is arranged by the manager of the main band.

In any case, all the details are on the band's profile and of course we are always here to help with any problem, even to suggest solutions.
At Stagebands you will find bands from all genres of music
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