Why can’t I see the band’s price?

Band’s price is a relatively sensitive subject and we must protect it as much as we can. For this reason, the way Stagebands works is, you set your budget and then Stagebands’s system will show you bands that are close to the budget you are looking for and also providing you with an indicator to know whether the cost is within your budget or not.

* Budget is a search filter and can be easily changed so you can see all bands in all price ranges.

** The budget can only take specific prices: 200€, 500€,1.000€, 2.000€, 5.000€, 10.000€. Only venues can choose a lower budget of 100€.

Is every cost included in what I see?

Yes, we include all relevant costs in the search results, such as the band's price, transportation, accommodation and sound coverage, if required.

Can the final cost differ from what I see?

Yes, the actual cost may be affected by various scenarios that we mention in "What should I know" and in any case you should contact the band to give you the final quote.

Do I need to pay an advance?

This comes to each band’s policy. However, as a rule of thumb, the bigger the event and the more distant the date, the more likely the band will need an advance payment.

When do I pay, who and how?

Stagebands has absolutely no financial transaction with the host or the event. You pay the band directly in a way and at a time agreed between you. The most common way is cash after the event.

Is there a cost to sign up to Stagebands?

No. The use of Stagebands is completely free for the users!

Can you help me find what I'm looking for?

We can either show you over the phone how our search engine works (and then you can search by yourself), or we can serve you entirely over the phone

Tell us what you are looking for and we will recommend the most suitable bands for your needs.

Ways of communication:
Email: info@stagebands.gr
Tel: +30 231 231 1026
Mobile: +30 697 286 8186
Contact hours: Mon-Fri 12:00-20:00