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Live music, dancing and food are the way people have fun since ancient times. To be here means you know this and want to provide patrons with the whole package, but may have some questions.

- Don't worry, things are very simple and our bands are all experienced professionals who will help you with all the details.

At Stagebands you can find solo artists, acoustic groups and full bands in the entire spectrum of music, from Jazz/Swing to Folk and Rebetiko. You contact the band, book the date and if you need further clarification about the equipment, the band will help you with whatever you need.

Usually the equipment (P/A speakers, monitors, console, microphones) is the responsibility of the host, however there are many bands who can bring their own equipment. In the profile of each band there is the rider of the band and all the relevant information.

If the band cannot transport their own equipment, then you will need to rent from a sound engineer in your area. Usually only the P/A system is required, but the requirements are different for each band. You will see more details in the profile of each band and discuss them among yourselves.

Also on the profile of each band there is a note on whether the band can write invoice or if they work with stamps. Learn more in "what I need to know"

In any case, we are here also and we can help you with any problem.
At Stagebands you will find bands from all genres of music
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