What should I know before booking a band

Band price
Band’s price is the amount of money that the band charges to play in your area.

If the band has the option of issuing an invoice, VAT +24% will be added to that amount.

If the band does is unable to issue an invoice, then you should take into account that there will be extra insurance costs per musician (~€20/person).

In Stagebands you will find an indicator that shows which bands are able to write invoice and which are not.

In any case, our bands have experience in those matters and can help you with every detail.
If the band is at a distance that they are willing to travel using their own vehicles, then the cost of transportation is calculated on a per kilometer basis, including tolls and ferry journeys.

If the band is at a longer distance then the host usually takes care of the transportation by booking plane tickets for all the members or whatever is needed.
When the journey is longer than 2 or 3-hours-drive then usually the bands would need accommodation for 1 or 2 nights, depending on the case.

At Stagebands, the bands inform our system about their sleeping arrangements (for example 1 double room and 1 single room) and then the host either makes all necessary accommodation arrangements by themselves or the band does that and the host of course pays the extra cost to the band.
Sound coverage
There are bands that are fully equipped with sound reinforcement and all that’s left to do is contact them and book a date.

But for the majority of the bands you'll need to at least have the final sound reinforcement system (P/A) because bands can't carry large speakers.

If you don't have a P/A system you can rent one from a local sound engineer and the band will help you with that.

For big events, the sound engineer might need to talk directly to the band about the necessary equipment the band will need.

In each band's profile there is a detailed draft of the band's set-up and the necessary equipment that needs to be provided by the host.