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- No worries, things are quite simple and our bands are all experienced professionals who will help you with every detail.

At Stagebands you can find party bands and DJs for unforgettable nights that will make your club stand out for its music. You first contact the band directly, book the date and if later you need further clarification about the equipment or any other detail, the band will help you with whatever you need.

Usually the equipment (P/A speakers, monitors, mixing board, microphones etc) is the host's responsibility, however there are many bands who, under certain circumstances, can bring their own equipment. In each band’s profile you will find the rider (or stageplan) and all relevant information.

If the band is unable to transport their own equipment, then you will need to rent what is necessary from a local sound engineer. Usually only the P/A system is required, but the requirements are different for each band. You will see more details in each band’s profile and you can discuss with them directly.

Also in each band’s profile there will be a note saying whether the band is able to issue an invoice (if needed by you) or not. Learn more in what should I know.

In any case, we are here to help you with any problem that may arise!
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