Book a band for your reception with Stagebands
The final touch to an impressive reception is the right band that will provide the ideal atmosphere with their music. Being here means you really want to give that final touch to your reception and you most likely have a lot of questions.

- No worries, things are very simple and our bands are all experienced professionals who will help you with every detail.

At Stagebands you can find bands from a Jazzy/Swingy background who are perfect for creating a relaxed atmosphere up to a more Latinish approach or even Eastern music bands for more exotic flavors. You first contact the band directly, book the date and if later you need further clarification about the equipment or any other detail,, the band will help you with whatever you need.

If the reception takes place in a venue, the band will help you with the rider (plan of the stage) or they can contact the venue directly.

If it takes place in a private space, some bands will most likely be able to bring their own equipment. If not, you would need to rent any necessary equipment from a local sound engineer (speakers, microphones, etc.). You will see more details in each band’s profile and you can discuss with them directly.

In any case, we are here to help you with any problem that may arise!
At Stagebands you will find bands from all genres of music
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